Forthcoming Events and Recommendations-


The main purpose of is to offer basic facts-at-fingertips about the theatre performances in Kolkata every week. Language and form of theatre no bar. Time and again friends and acquaintances have asked me what plays they can see on a certain date, or in the short term, or even long-term. Visitors from outside Kolkata have sought my recommendations too. It is embarrassing for Kolkata that we cannot name one place – whether newspapers or online – where they can find this information to enable them to decide what to see. fills this vacuum.

We request groups to contact us about their forthcoming performances in Kolkata with adequate advance notice so that we can upload these on a weekly basis. They should give the following details:

  • Date and time of performance
  • Title of play/production
  • Group
  • Dramatist
  • Director
  • Venue
  • A short 25-word description in English of the play/performance, with a photo

We do not have a team, office, funds or advertising revenue. Therefore, we request all groups to make a token contribution to us of the price of the cheapest ticket to each listed show, so that we can feel happy that Kolkata’s theatre community supports this enterprise. Once you contact us, we shall tell you the mode of payment. Those groups that do not charge spectators for admission (like street theatre, Third Theatre, Forum Theatre and so on) need not pay. We welcome all theatre work.


We hope you like and consult, and that it helps you. Break a leg!

– Ananda Lal